"I couldn't be happier with my decision to work with On Call Solutions. The people involved are wonderful! I used to get four times as many after hours calls as I do now. I am consistently earning additional revenue. And, I believe that I have gained some new clients."

-Dr. April Steele
Tugaloo Animal Hospital


At On Call Solutions, we provide veterinarians a solution for managing their after hours calls to help minimize unnecessary calls, differentiate their clinic from their competition, grow their client base, and increase revenue.

ValuesAs the first company to offer this service, we are driven to remain the best by maintaining focus on our customers.

We strive to become long-term partners with each of our customers to create value for both sides. Actively and continually listening and learning about our customers’ needs, and adapting to changes, will guide our actions and help us remain the best in the market.

Creating partnerships with our customers, while maintaining our customer-focused, environmental, and work-place values, is what guides us in our day to day activities:


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