"I couldn't be happier with my decision to work with On Call Solutions. The people involved are wonderful! I used to get four times as many after hours calls as I do now. I am consistently earning additional revenue. And, I believe that I have gained some new clients."

-Dr. April Steele
Tugaloo Animal Hospital

Pet Owner Benefits

Your clients...

Obtain trusted advice from the one who knows their pet best –YOU!

Receive peace of mind
May be able to avoid the drive, long wait, inconvenience and expense of a trip to the emergency clinic in a sometimes unknown location with an unfamiliar veterinarian OR

May be able to avoid driving to your clinic that night or weekend and can wait until the next business day to see you (again, saving money and the hassle)

May never have to go to another veterinary clinic to care for their pets

Receive the same trusted advice even when traveling with their pets

Receive advice quicker than it would take to drive to the emergency clinic

Above all, they get a great value…

After Hours Assurance costs far less than the price of an average emergency clinic visit

Because of its affordability, cost won’t keep them from providing their pet the best care possible. They won’t risk doing nothing in a potential medical emergency simply because emergency clinics are too expensive.

After Hours Assurance allows them to put the decision in an expert’s hands….Yours!




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