"I couldn't be happier with my decision to work with On Call Solutions. The people involved are wonderful! I used to get four times as many after hours calls as I do now. I am consistently earning additional revenue. And, I believe that I have gained some new clients."

-Dr. April Steele
Tugaloo Animal Hospital
After Hours Assurance





"In less than one year with After Hours Assurance, I could afford to finally bring on a new associate."
- Stan Charles, DVM Dekalb, IL

Your Benefits

Whether you are currently offering after hours emergency services or not, with the addition of our After Hours Assurance service in your clinic, you and your staff will share these great benefits:
  • Get paid for your time and expertise
  • Manage your call volume by only receiving calls from paying clients as a result of our screening process

    Gain a competitive advantage over other clinics in your area by promoting this service as a way to obtain new clients

    Generate new revenues from registration fees, call revenues collected, growing your client base, and/or capturing revenue that would have otherwise gone to the emergency clinic when your client comes in the next day to see you without having to carry any inventory in your clinic!

    Maintain a better balance between your work and home life

    Attract and retain employees by providing an opportunity to earn greater income

    Provide your clients peace of mind

    Avoid any questioning of your medical judgment by having more control over your patients’ care

    Give your clients a choice – if they prefer not to use After Hours Assurance, they don’t have to.

    Customize your After Hours Assurance business solution to best fit your clinic’s needs including your pricing plan options, marketing materials, your clinic's on call policies, etc.

    benefits Strengthen loyalty and trust with your clients and patients

In addition…

  • We'll provide customized marketing materials to help your clinic promote and sell your After Hours Assurance service

    Receive on-going support and training from On Call Solutions staff

    Login to access real-time reporting of your success including total revenues collected


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